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NewWood Staff Union of the United Nations

​Fairer and more equitable travel rules, applicable to all staff ​

​​Campaigning for the duty-free status of SAFI following the example of Vienna and against the high costs of its transfer during SHP-related renovation

​Exploring solutions for subsidizing child care under five​

​Sparing no effort to make UNOG a NO-CUT ZONE by continued fight against pay cuts, downsizing and relocation ​

​       Turning the General Assembly resolution of 1947 on trade union rights and collective bargaining into reality  

​Improving administrative support in case of long-term illness and organizing better return to work​

​Launching an inter-organizational action for the NON-TAXATION of pensions in Switzerland, based on the HQ Agreement and ILO Administrative Tribunal jurisprudence

​Protecting the quality of workspace at the SHP – each detail matters for us; respecting international and Swiss standards of workspace; re-considering superfluous and costly move of staff, for example of ECE, OCHA, Languages Service, UNCTAD etc. ​

​Starting a debate on an UNEMPLOYMENT FUND, based on ILO international standards​

​Corrective measure to improve the user-friendliness of Umoja​

​Transforming UNOG into a NO-FEAR ZONE by establishing effective protection mechanisms against retaliation, abuse of power, harassment and impunity​

​Representing effectively staff interests at Swiss and Geneva trade union fora thanks to the presence of New Wood in their representative bodies

​Reinforcing checks on the recruitment process to reduce favouritism and proposing equitable rules on promotions based on meritocracy, using the performance appraisal system​