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NewWood Staff Union of the United Nations

Le Syndicat New Wood vous dit :

Plan stratégique patrimonial, salaire réduit, Umoja ; ne seraient pas arrivés si nous avions utilisé nòtre droit à la négociation collective !

En nous battant pour la négociation collective, nous démontrons notre différence des autres listes électorales qui briguent des sièges au Conseil de Coordination !


New Wood Trade Union informs:

SHP, Pay Cut, Umoja would not have happened if we had collective bargaining rights!

Campaigning for collective bargaining rights, we are different from other electoral lists running for the Coordinating Council!

Collective bargaining is your right! (GA Resolution 128 of 1947)
Collective bargaining rights should also follow the guidance of the 2011 report of the Joint Inspection Unit, and the 2017 resolution of the UN Coordinating Committee for International Staff Unions and Associations (CCISUA) on a formal collective bargaining mechanism in the UN.
The texts therefore provide for the use of collective bargaining in areas such as contracts, salaries, abolition of posts, work space (open space, hot desking).
Therefore, it would be appropriate for the Coordinating Council to ask the Secretary General to establish a negotiating mechanism immediately, in coordination with representatives of the duty stations, and with the help of specialized agencies that have collective bargaining (such as the ILO).